Diagnostic Machine

As modern cars are becoming more complex & are driven by many control modules & sensors. A good diagnostic machine is required to be able to scan your car for problems & to be able to pin point & resolve problems quickly, whether this being Engine Management, Airbag, Anti Braking System (ABS) or the Exhaust system (Diesel Particulate Filter).

We have the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment & oscilloscope, running the latest Bosch ESItronic 2.0 software, this software allows us to scan your car via the 16 pin OBD plug for problems. We can even check live data from sensors, valves, carry out live actuator tests, reset values on many sensors or valves (i.e. Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve) & even carry out DPF regenerations. We can also use the Bosch oscilloscope, which allows us to resolve more persistent faults, that are not easy to detect via the Bosch diagnostic scanner alone.

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