Air Conditioning Services

We offer a complete service solution for both R134A & 1234YF refrigerate gas in your car. We have the latest Valeo R134A & BrainBee 1234YF Air Conditioning Machines.

Our Air Conditioning Re-gas comprises of:

• Removing the old Gas, Dye & Oil.
• Carrying out a Vacuum & Hold on the Air Conditioning system for 20 minutes, to check for any major leaks.
• Adding new Dye (used to find any leaks via a U.V light).
• Adding new PAG Oil.
• Regas with either R134A or 1234YF gas (whichever your car requires).
• Check pressure readings on air conditioning system.

If a major leak is detected then our trained staff can diagnose & report on repairs & costings. We can also check the electrical system, if for example the air conditioning compressor has failed and replace.

We also offer an air conditioning clean at an extra charge, which gets rid of any bad bacteria in the air conditioning system, usually known by an egg smell when the air conditioning is on.